“Andy has been a favorite guest speaker at Chesapeake for several years now. His sessions on Influence, Professional Image and Critical Thinking are highly requested and always well attended. Andy offers a unique blend of humor, insight and thought-provoking content.”

SPHR, CPLP; Director – Training and Development
Chesapeake Energy Corporation

“Through humor and challenging topics, Professor Urich promotes thinking in the most positive way — by self examination.”

CBS Sports

“Fabulous class. I laughed and I learned.”

VP of Academic Affairs OSU-Tulsa

“No matter the audience, Andy brings a message that challenges the listener. Through the presentation of a different perspective, Andy changes the way you see things. Furthermore, his style and delivery relay techniques that stick with you. People remember Andy Urich.”

Senior VP – CFO
First Oklahoma Bank

“Talk about a tough crowd! Professor Urich spoke to over 450 lawyers and insurance professionals at our national conference in Denver. He delivered practical and useful advice in a very entertaining presentation. In fact, numerous members endorsed him as the best presenter we have ever had in the history of our association. I would highly recommend Professor Urich to any organization.”

J.D. Program Chair
Trucking Industry Defense Association

-Bob Hamm,
All Time Great OSU Professor

“Andy has the ability to mesmerize an audience while engaging their minds, creating a symbiotic relationship in understanding critical concepts in negotiations and other topics.  He totally captivated the OSU Foundation employees and other executives with his thought provoking questions.  He forces people to think and to change their minds when presented with new information.  He makes people enjoy life more because he empowers them.”

“Professor Urich does an excellent job of personalizing the presentation for the audience and understanding their perspective.  He is humorous, captivating, and extremely clever in his approach.”

-Lisa McLarty
Manager, Accelerated Career Track

“Excellent!! Dr. Urich puts on an amazing program. He makes you truly think and provides the tools to put his applications to use immediately. His presentation captivates your attention and provides life-long lessons which enhance not only your business life but personal life as well. I highly recommend anyone hiring Dr. Urich!”

-Luke Martin
Board of Governors of the Licensed Architects, Landscape Architects and Interior Designers of Oklahoma

-Greg L. Hoover
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Atlas World Group

“We have had several negotiating programs at Atlas, but we recently had Andrew Urich at our national convention and it was the best such presentation we have ever had. Andy was interesting and amusing to listen to, the material was practical and applicable, and his presentation was universally applauded across all levels of our employees and agents. The compliments are still coming in and we are already working on having him back.”


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