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Andrew L. Urich, J.D.

is an interesting and entertaining communicator who helps people get what they want. He is an Associate Professor of Management in the Spears School Business at Oklahoma State University. Professor Urich is a lecturer, researcher, and consultant in the areas of negotiation, consumer protection, and commercial law. He is a very effective and enthusiastic presenter with both practical and academic experience.

Business is all about personal relationships. This program will dissect human relationships and study their component parts.
Getting people to say “yes” is the backbone of any opportunity. This program brings influence research to the real world and introduces a system for planning and executing influence opportunities. 
Better negotiations lead to higher profits. Human interaction and persuasion are among the most important skills affecting your success in business today.
This course is about selling yourself, because you are constantly selling yourself and your organization. Great products and ideas don’t sell themselves—they need marketing. And so does every businessperson.
Both organizations and individuals profit from the ability to create value. High-value individuals have the ability to solve problems, make good decisions, and to create profitable ideas. 
What does it mean to be ethical? This program looks at the main causes of unethical behavior and develops specific management practices to reduce or eliminate these problems.
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